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Carol Domenico

Offering Unique and Beautiful Handpainted Silk Accessories in Rochester, NY

At Domenico Handpainted Silks, I am proud to offer a wide variety of handpainted silk accessories in Rochester, NY. I decided to combine my love of painting silk and designing fashion to create one-of-a-kind accessories and garments. To learn more about the products I have to offer, such as my handcrafted silk scarves, reach out to my office.

White Silk With Pink Flowers

My Silk Painting Process

When making my pieces, I start by stretching two pieces of silk in a large frame. This lets me paint both pieces together, allowing the colors to blend naturally when they are sewn together. I also use unique designs when painting, following my own inspiration and ideas that I have. Once I am done painting, I have a Seamstress that sews the two pieces together to create a variety of accessories. Some of the garments I work on include:

  • Capes – made from two pieces of silk that are 54 by 72 inches in size.
  • Sarongs – made from a single piece of silk that is 54 by 72 inches in size.
  • Scarves – made from silk pieces that are 14 by 72 inches in size.
  • Shawls – made from silk pieces that are 22 by 72 inches in size.

When choosing the silk pieces for the garments, I always select silk that is already cut and hand-sewn on the edges so that I don’t have to cut the pieces myself. So, whether you are looking for a handcrafted silk scarf or a full-size silk cape, I am happy to make the garments that you need.

Call to learn more about the handpainted silk garments I have to offer.

About Carol Domenico

Carol Domenico designs and paints a number of one-of-a-kind silk garments. She studied fabric design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parson’s School of Design in New York City. She briefly worked at a textile studio in NYC before teaching art in Rochester for 30 years. Her work reflects her love of color, texture, and nature. She has a BFA and an MST from the Rochester Institute of Technology. At her studio in Rochester, she has gallery exhibits of her individually painted silk scarves, sarongs, ties, wall hangings, and capes.

Carol Domenico